Radio Angrezi

2017 and 2018

Julias Ida Green

Bremen, Germany

July 2017 - February 2018

Bierumer School residency, Bierum, The Netherlands 2016 November- 2017 January

Antropical Art residency, Steinfort, Luxembourg July-August 2016

Instant Archive with Anna Ehmen, Bernardo Zanotta, Groningen , The Netherlands July 2016

Artist as Independent Publisher Symposium, Centre of Artists Publications Weserburg, Bremen 2016

No Theme is a Theme, Unterhalb, Bremen, Germany 2016

Nüthen Temporary, Dechanatstrasse Gallery, Bremen, Germany 2015

Some Rewarding Experience in de GYM, Groningen, the Netherlands 2015

Some Rewarding Experience in Gallery FLUT, Bremen, Germany 2015

Potato My Pencil Tomorrow, Minerva Academy, Groningen, the Netherlands 2013


2nd year with Radio Angrezi


because you fucking deserve it!












Chronically Confused 2/

back to Bierumer School

this time we invented nothing

with Lisa Kovalenko





Launched an OPEN CALL -->

We Invented Nothing

with Liza Kovalenko

Currently renovating at

Julias Ida Green, Bremen, Germany


Did an art residency in Bierumer School together with Anna Ehmen. Is guided by intuition, then reflects on things and gets chronically confused.

Finissage January 21st 2017


Made a film with Anouk Chambaz,

called Vegetation Walk.



Vegetation Walk, 7’20, 2016

-Transmission Art Festival (Transmission Artist Association Karlsruhe, KMMN Space Kassel, Komuna/Warszawa)

-Kino Pavasaris, Vilnius Lithuania, student competition winner.

-Best video art, Visonaria Intl. Film Festival, San Gimignano, Italy

-Espacio Enter, Tenerife Espacio de Las Artes, Canarias

-The Yud Video Project, Contemporary Jewish Museum,

San Francisco, USA

- Currents New Media Festival,

Santa Fe, New Mexico.


Is taking THIS seriously.

Is creating an archive everyday, all the time in a form of organised mess, at home and other places, alone and together with other people.

Instant Archive with Anna and Bernardo


borrowed some words*:

- that men by various ways arrive at the same end.

-what does it mean no longer being able to think a certain thought?

-what is the correct attitude to adopt towards things?

-I should like it to be all around me like a calm, deep transparence, infinitely open, where others would fit in with my expectations, and from which truths would emerge one by one; I should only have to let myself be carried, within it and by it, like a happy wreck.

-The pursuit of discovery is conducted from the start in these terms; all the time we are guided by sensing the presence of hidden reality toward which our clues are pointing; and the discovery which terminates and satisfies this pursuit is still sustained by the same vision. It claims to have made contact with reality: a reality which, being real, may yet reveal itself to future eyes in an indefinite range of unexpected manifestations.

Unexpected manifestations. The end. *